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Hi, I'm George. 

I am Assistant Editor at LeftLion magazine and Editor of IndieVisible. 

My main interests are film, sport and gaming, and I have written for several different publications including i News, Metro and Play On. 

My other passions include walking and travelling, as well as keeping in touch with all the latest news through publications such as Empire magazine, FourFourTwo and the i. 

10 Years Later: The Avengers

Back in 2018, Avengers: Infinity War was tipped as “the most ambitious crossover event in history”, but surely, even a decade later, that mantle still belongs to 2012’s The Avengers. Never before had a single film brought together so many dangling threads and tied them together into such a neat bow, providing the outstanding outcome of four years of solo ventures for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s leading heroes. It was seen as a major swing, an outright risk, at the time - but to say it hit th

We Explore the Rise of Magic Practices in Nottingham, From Wicca to Paganism

Witchcraft. It’s a song by Frank Sinatra. It’s a film by Don Sharp. And, in the words of Dr Thomas Waters, the Beeston-based author of Cursed Britain: A History of Witchcraft and Black Magic in Modern Times, it’s what many feel is “the supernatural power to afflict other people with misfortunes”. Yet, while Sinatra and Sharp may have influenced popular culture to varying degrees, the influence of the latter on this country’s social history is almost immeasurable. From causing people to move home

Film Review: The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

It appears we’ve entered the meta-verse. In the last year, films like Matrix: Resurrections and Scream have built their narrative from a position of vivid self-awareness, bringing real-world commentary into the fictional worlds they create. Yet for all the cognisance of these movies, the most meta of them all has only just arrived. And it is a belter. The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent follows Nicolas Cage as, um, Nick Cage, a movie star who is desperately trying to rekindle his dwindling

We Hear All About Nottingham's Growing Dungeons & Dragons Community

Dungeons & Dragons - just some complicated game for a very specific type of nerd, right? Well, no, as it turns out. “Role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons attract all sorts of people,” explains Daniel Knox-Hewson, Community Organiser for the Nottingham Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League. “There are office workers, we've got personal trainers. There's a lot of people in the LGBTQ+ community that come and play, people from all different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. It’s definitely mov

The Fascinating History of the Nottingham Guild of Magicians

Regardless of what the Nottingham Guild of Magicians has achieved in the eighty-plus years since it was founded back in 1939, nothing will have been more marvellous than the names of its founders - a group of aspiring and established illusionists and performers ranging from Captain Val Jackson to Bertram Millidge, Stonewall Jackson to Rev R. W. Lax West. No, we’re not making this up. Millidge, the Guild’s first Secretary and its eventual President, was a magic enthusiast whose passion took him

Operation Mincemeat REVIEW - Mission Accomplished (Just About)

Has any event in history been explored on the big screen more frequently than the Second World War? From A Bridge Too Far in 1977 to Dunkirk in 2017, many of Hollywood’s finest filmmakers have interrogated this period in bloody, comprehensive detail. It is a pleasant surprise, then, to see a movie in Operation Mincemeat that finds a fresh story to tell within this saturated sphere of cinema – following two intelligence officers’ high-risk, borderline ridiculous plan to use a dead body and fake d

The Best Films Coming to Nottingham Cinemas in April 2022

One of the University of Nottingham’s most famous graduates, Ruth Wilson, is back on our big screens in True Things - an intimate look at one woman’s journey with a mysterious man, as she tries to break out of the tedium of her regular life. Wilson has received praise for her committed display in this Harry Wootliff-directed exploration of female sensuality, and we’d like to think Notts had a key role to play in her success so far… True Things is showing at Broadway from Friday 1 April Morbius

Dakota REVIEW - A Shallow Mess Of A Movie

Dogs: The best animals in the world. They’re cute, intelligent, and universally adored. It’s easy to see why they’ve become a staple in Hollywood since the very beginning. Yet for every heartfelt, original flick like Marley & Me or Togo, there are ten like Dakota – a minimum effort mess that has no real reason to exist. It may seem harsh to lay into a film that is meant as little more than an easy, family-friendly watch, but this is particularly bad for one overarching reason – a lack of care.

Nottingham’s Anjli Mohindra Talks Vigil, the Television Workshop and What’s Next for Her Career

Whether starring as Rani Chandra in popular Doctor Who spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures or supplying shocking twists as an unlikely villain in the BBC’s Bodyguard, chances are you’ll have seen Anjli Mohindra on your TV screen at some point over the last decade-and-a-bit. Since leaving Nottingham, the multi-talented actor has worked alongside the likes of Rob Lowe and Jodie Whittaker, featured in a movie by the award-winning Catherine Hardwicke, and lent her voice to the well-received Dragon Qu

Film Review: The Worst Person in the World

Every now and then a film comes along that is so beautifully crafted, so original and so intoxicating that you just know it will go down in cinematic history. The Worst Person in the World is one of those films. Sharply written, brilliantly performed and unapologetically authentic, this is a refreshingly honest release that is fully deserving of the tremendous plaudits it has received. The film centres around Renate Reinsve’s Julie, who, as she approaches thirty, still has no idea who she wants

Nottingham International Film Festival Announces April Line-Up

The popular Nottingham International Film Festival returns next month, bringing an exciting mix of shorts, features and documentaries from Notts to the United States. Taking over both the Savoy Cinema and Nottingham Contemporary from Friday 22 to Sunday 24 April, this promises to be one of the biggest events in the festival’s history, after its in-person return last year. Highlights include The Road Dance, an award-winning wartime drama directed by Of Mind and Music’s Richie Adams, and God’s P

Gig Review: Dream Wife at Rescue Rooms

Back in July 2020, when the sun was blaring and beer gardens were packed, Dream Wife followed up their extraordinary self-titled debut album with So When You Gonna…, an even more unique, polished effort full of their trademark rebellious energy. Now, almost two years later, they are finally on the release tour for the record - and throughout this frenetic gig at the intimate Rescue Rooms, there is a real feeling of exactly that. Release. From the moment the eclectic gang walk out on stage, they

Confetti Industry Week 2022: Joe Hobbs, Tim Allen

Confetti’s Industry Week returned this year for a hybrid event, bringing a fascinating mix of in-person and online talks from experts in the fields of film, art, music and more. Across a busy five days, students got the chance to gain advice from the likes of Becky Hill, Brit Award winner, and Victor Perez, esteemed director, producer and screenwriter, helping them to gain the necessary skills to break into competitive industries and achieve their dream roles. Previous guests have included Ste

35 Years Later: Evil Dead II

Six years after the release of The Evil Dead, a weird, bold and iconic horror from director Sam Raimi, came Evil Dead II, an even weirder, bolder and more iconic horror from director Sam Raimi. Much like with James Cameron’s move from Alien to Aliens, this goes bigger, braver and more bizarre than its original - with the filmmaker making full use of a more generous budget to take things to new, audacious levels, making one of the most beloved cult classics of all time in the process. When Bruce

Nottingham-Born Influencer Lauren Black Lifts the Lid on Social Media’s Impact on Body Image and Mental Health

One of the newest developments in the fashion industry is the growth of social media influencing, with more and more young models using their own platforms to showcase the latest styles and trends. Yet while this has many benefits, and has led to successful careers for many, it has also posed a number of challenges - from struggles with self-esteem to body image issues. Nottingham-born Lauren Black lifts the lid on these challenges, as well as her work in helping to make Instagram a better, more

5 Nottingham Links to Guy Ritchie Films

Long before slaying zombies in The Walking Dead and winning awards for Save Me Too, Nottingham-born Lennie James starred in one of Ritchie’s most successful films - Snatch. In the role of Sol, James is a comedic stand-out, his bumbling approach to the complex world of crime leading to some truly memorable moments. In a cast that boasts everyone from Brad Pitt to Benicio Del Toro, James more than holds his own. And who can be surprised? He’s a natural… unlike Tyrone. RocknRolla might not be ever

Beeston Film Festival Heads to Arc Cinema

The Beeston Film Festival is heading to Arc Cinema next month for a showcase of the best short films across drama, horror, comedy and more. Now in its eighth year, the local celebration of cinema is being hosted by Arc for the first time, after the swanky venue opened in the town centre back in May 2021. Across a packed weekend, the festival will screen a wide range of esteemed shorts from across the globe, as well as handing out its coveted B’Oscar award for best film. A well-respected event

Brand New Immersive Film Festival Coming to Nottingham

A brand new film festival is coming to Nottingham this month, with events taking over venues across the city. The Light After Dark Film Festival is “dedicated to immersive experiences in cinema”, and is being delivered by local arts institutions including Nottingham Contemporary, Broadway Cinema and Nottingham Playhouse. Across three packed days of entertainment, the Festival will pair films with performance, music, technology and art to provide a completely unique cinematic experience for Not

Confetti Industry Week 2022 Announces Guests Including Becky Hill, Victor Perez and JD Wu

Confetti’s Industry Week will return next week with a hybrid event, with in-person sessions returning for the first time since the start of the pandemic. Across five days of talks, Q&As and activities, students at the Institute of Creative Technologies will get the chance to hear from leading figures in the fields of music, gaming and cinema. Brit award winner Becky Hill will be joined by her manager, Alex Martin, to discuss her meteoric rise and their experience of the music industry, and Gra

How Castle Rock Brewery and Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust Are Celebrating the Twentieth Anniversary of Their Partnership

Cast your mind back to 2001. Manchester United were cruising to another Premier League title. S Club 7’s Don’t Stop Moving was taking over the air waves. And in our own city, a long-lasting relationship between Castle Rock Brewery and the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust was about to be born - although through pure fate, as it turns out. “Honestly, it all started from a chance conversation,” admits Erin McDaid, Head of Communications and Marketing at the Trust. “I was meeting with one of our supp
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